Lesson 4

Interpret This, Interpret That

These materials, when encountered before Algebra 1, Unit 3, Lesson 4 support success in that lesson.

Lesson Narrative

The mathematical purpose of this lesson is for students to recall how to interpret a scatter plot, and how to interpret slope and \(y\)-intercept in a given linear model. This connects to previous work because students created graphs from equations written in slope-intercept form in grade 8. They have also used graphs of linear functions to create equations in slope-intercept form, and to interpret a given situation. In the associated Algebra 1 lesson, students create scatter plots and use a linear model to predict future outcomes. Students reason abstractly and quantitatively (MP2) when they use graphs to interpret a given model in a situation.

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Recall the meaning of $y$-intercept and slope in a given model

Student Facing

  • Let’s explore linear models

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