IM 6–8 Math Accelerated

Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum

IM (Illustrative Mathematics) Certified

Driven by student discourse, IM Certified™ curricula are rich, engaging core programs built around focus, coherence, and rigor. The curricula are trusted, expert-authored materials developed to equip all students to thrive in mathematics.

About the curriculum

  • IM 6-8 Math Accelerated Certified by Illustrative Mathematics

    A comprehensive, standards-aligned, two-course curriculum designed to provide an effective accelerated pathway to Algebra 1.

  • The IM Accelerated Difference

    IM 6–8 Math Accelerated, a compressed version of IM 6–8 Math™ 3.1415, is a thoughtful alternative to conventional accelerated programs because its design eliminates the possibility for unfinished learning as students arrive at Algebra 1. It includes all of the standards in IM 6–8 Math and compacts them into a two-year curriculum meant to be covered during the 6th and 7th grades. The pace is faster than IM 6-8 Math, but no crucial mathematical concepts are missed.

  • The IM Certified Advantage

    Only IM Certified curriculum is guaranteed to include the rigor, structure, and coherence as developed by our authors. Exclusively available from our IM Certified™ Partners, IM 6–8 Math Accelerated enables deep student learning through a carefully crafted scope and sequence that maintains a balance of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and meaningful applications. The IM authors made use of efficiencies in the standards to combine units from IM 6–8 Math and relocated or combined concepts as needed to maintain a thoughtful progression through the standards.