IM K–5 Math

Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum

IM (Illustrative Mathematics) Certified

Driven by student discourse, IM Certified™ curricula are rich, engaging core programs built around focus, coherence, and rigor. The curricula are trusted, expert-authored materials developed to equip all students to thrive in mathematics.

About the curriculum

  • Spark discussion, perseverance, and enjoyment of mathematics.

    IM K–5 Math is a problem-based core curriculum rooted in content and practice standards to foster learning and achievement for all. Students learn by doing math through solving problems, developing conceptual understanding, and discussing and defending their reasoning. Teachers build confidence with lessons and curriculum guides that help them facilitate learning and help students make connections between concepts and procedures.

  • Intentional lesson design that promotes mathematical growth.

    Every activity and lesson in IM K–5 Math tells a coherent mathematical story across units and grade levels based on both the standards and research-based learning trajectories. This allows students the opportunity to view mathematics as a connected set of ideas and offers them access to mathematics when developed into the overarching design structure of the curriculum.

  • Focus on developing learning communities.

    The first unit in each grade level provides lesson structures which establish a mathematical community and invite students into the mathematics with accessible content. Each lesson offers opportunities for the teacher and students to learn more about one another, develop mathematical language, and become increasingly familiar with the curriculum routines. The use of authentic contexts and adaptations provides students opportunities to bring their own experiences to the lesson activities and see themselves in the materials and mathematics.