Alg2.1 Sequences and Functions

Lesson 1

  • I can give an example of a sequence.

Lesson 2

  • I can find missing terms in a geometric sequence.

Lesson 3

  • I can explain what it means for a sequence to be arithmetic or geometric.

Lesson 4

  • I can use a spreadsheet to create many terms of a sequence.
  • I can use technology to graph a sequence.

Lesson 5

  • I can define arithmetic and geometric sequences recursively using function notation.

Lesson 6

  • I can represent a sequence in different ways.

Lesson 7

  • I can ask questions to get the information needed to represent a sequence in different ways.

Lesson 8

  • I can explain why different equations can represent the same sequence.

Lesson 9

  • I can represent situations with sequences.

Lesson 10

  • I can define a sequence using an equation.

Lesson 11

  • I can determine the sum of a sequence representing a situation.