Lesson 19

Drawing on the Coordinate Plane

  • Let’s draw on the coordinate plane.

19.1: Cat Pictures

Recreate this image in the applet by entering ordered pairs.

A cat drawn on a coordinate grid.

If you have time, consider adding more details to your image such as whiskers, the inside of the ears, a bow, or a body.

Add these statements to the list of things being graphed.
\(x > 6\)
\(y > 5\)
\(x < -4\)
\(y < -6\)
Describe the result. Why do you think that happened?

19.2: Design Your Own Image

Create an image of your own design by listing the ordered pairs in the applet. You could draw a different animal, a vehicle, a building, or something else. Make sure your image includes at least 4 points in each quadrant of the coordinate plane.