Lesson 10

Tax and Tip

Let’s learn about sales tax and tips.

Problem 1

In a city in Ohio, the sales tax rate is 7.25%. Complete the table to show the sales tax and the total price including tax for each item.

item price before tax ($) sales tax ($) price including tax ($)
pillow 8.00
blanket 22.00
trash can 14.50

Problem 2

The sales tax rate in New Mexico is 5.125%. Select all the equations that represent the sales tax, \(t\), you would pay in New Mexico for an item of cost \(c\)?








\(t=c \div 0.05125\)



Problem 3

Here are the prices of some items and the amount of sales tax charged on each in Nevada.

cost of item ($) sales tax ($)
10 0.46
50 2.30
5 0.23
  1. What is the sales tax rate in Nevada?
  2. Write an expression for the amount of sales tax charged, in dollars, on an item that costs \(c\) dollars.

Problem 4

Find each amount:

  1. 3.8% of 25
  2. 0.2% of 50
  3. 180.5% of 99
(From Unit 4, Lesson 9.)

Problem 5

On Monday, the high was 60 degrees Fahrenheit. On Tuesday, the high was 18% more. How much did the high increase from Monday to Tuesday?


(From Unit 4, Lesson 8.)

Problem 6

Complete the table. Explain or show your reasoning.

object  radius  circumference
ceiling fan 2.8 ft
water bottle cap 13 mm
bowl 56.5 cm
drum 75.4 in
(From Unit 3, Lesson 4.)