Lesson 11

Percentage Contexts

Let’s learn about more situations that involve percentages.

Problem 1

A car dealership pays $8,350 for a car. They mark up the price by 17.4% to get the retail price. What is the retail price of the car at this dealership?

Problem 2

A store has a 20% off sale on pants. With this discount, the price of one pair of pants before tax is $15.20. What was the original price of the pants?









Problem 3

Lin is shopping for a couch with her dad and hears him ask the salesperson, “How much is your commission?” The salesperson says that her commission is \(5\frac12\%\) of the selling price.

  1. How much commission will the salesperson earn by selling a couch for $495?
  2. How much money will the store get from the sale of the couch?

Problem 4

A college student takes out a $7,500 loan from a bank. What will the balance of the loan be after one year (assuming the student has not made any payments yet):

  1. if the bank charges 3.8% interest each year?

  2. if the bank charges 5.3% interest each year?
(From Unit 4, Lesson 9.)

Problem 5

Match the situations with the equations.

  1. Mai slept for \(x\) hours, and Kiran slept for \(\frac{1}{10}\) less than that.
  2. Kiran practiced the piano for \(x\) hours, and Mai practiced for \(\frac25\) less than that.
  3. Mai drank \(x\) oz of juice and Kiran drank \(\frac43\) more than that.
  4. Kiran spent \(x\) dollars and Mai spent \(\frac14\) less than that.
  5. Mai ate \(x\) grams of almonds and Kiran ate 1.5 times more than that.
  6. Kiran collected \(x\) pounds of recycling and Mai collected \(\frac{3}{10}\) less than that.
  7. Mai walked \(x\) kilometers and Kiran walked \(\frac38\) more than that.
  8. Kiran completed \(x\) puzzles and Mai completed \(\frac35\) more than that.









(From Unit 4, Lesson 5.)