Lesson 9

More and Less than 1%

Let’s explore percentages smaller than 1%.

Problem 1

The student government snack shop sold 32 items this week. For each snack type, what percentage of all snacks sold were of that type?

snack type number of items sold
fruit cup 8
veggie sticks 6
chips 14
water 4

Problem 2

Select all the options that have the same value as \(3\frac12\%\) of 20.


3.5% of 20


\(3\frac12 \boldcdot 20\)


\((0.35) \boldcdot 20\)


\((0.035) \boldcdot 20\)


7% of 10

Problem 3

22% of 65 is 14.3. What is 22.6% of 65? Explain your reasoning.

Problem 4

A bakery used 30% more sugar this month than last month. If the bakery used 560 kilograms of sugar last month, how much did it use this month?

(From Unit 4, Lesson 7.)

Problem 5

Match each situation to a diagram. The diagrams can be used more than once.

Tape diagrams A and B.

(From Unit 4, Lesson 6.)

Problem 6

A certain type of car has room for 4 passengers.

  1. Write an equation relating the number of cars (\(n\)) to the number of passengers (\(p\)).
  2. How many passengers could fit in 78 cars?
  3. How many cars would be needed to fit 78 passengers?
(From Unit 2, Lesson 6.)