Lesson 10

Calculating Slope

Let’s calculate slope from two points.

Problem 1

For each graph, calculate the slope of the line.

3 graphs of lines labeled A, B, C.

Problem 2

Match each pair of points to the slope of the line that joins them.

Problem 3

Draw a line with the given slope through the given point. What other point lies on that line?

Coordinate grid with points A, B, C, D, E, F plotted.
  1. Point A, slope = \(\text-3\)
  2. Point A, slope = \(\frac {\text{-}1}{4}\)
  3. Point C, slope = \(\frac {\text{-}1}{2}\)
  4. Point E, slope = \(\frac {\text{-}2}{3}\)

Problem 4

Make a sketch of a linear relationship with a slope of 4 and a negative \(y\)-intercept. Show how you know the slope is 4 and write an equation for the line.

(From Unit 3, Lesson 8.)