Lesson 6

Describing Transformations

Lesson Narrative

Prior to this lesson, students have studied and classified different types of transformations (translations, rotations, reflections). They have practiced applying individual transformations and sequences of transformations to figures both on and off of a coordinate grid. In this lesson, they focus on communicating precisely the information needed to apply a sequence of transformations to a polygon on the coordinate grid. They must think carefully about what information they need (MP1) and request this information from their partner in a clear, precise way. They also explain why they need each piece of information (MP3). The coordinate grid plays a key role in this work, allowing students to communicate precisely about the locations of polygons and how they are transformed.

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Create a drawing on a coordinate grid of a transformed object using verbal descriptions.
  • Identify what information is needed to transform a polygon. Ask questions to elicit that information.

Student Facing

Let’s transform some polygons in the coordinate plane.

Required Preparation

Print 1 copy of the blackline master for every 2 students. Cut them up ahead of time.

From the geometry toolkits, graph paper and tracing paper are especially helpful.

Learning Targets

Student Facing

  • I can apply transformations to a polygon on a grid if I know the coordinates of its vertices.

CCSS Standards


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