Lesson 13

Designing a 5K Course

Let’s map out the 5K course.

13.1: Make a Proposal

Your teacher will give you a map of the school grounds.

  1. On the map, draw in the path you measured earlier with your trundle wheel and label its length.

  2. Invent another route for a walking course and draw it on your map. Estimate the length of the course you drew.

  3. How many laps around your course must someone complete to walk 5 km?

13.2: Measuring and Finalizing the Course

  1. Measure your proposed race course with your trundle wheel at least two times. Decide what distance you will report to the class.
  2. Revise your course, if needed.

  3. Create a visual display that includes:

    • A map of your final course

    • The starting and ending locations

    • The number of laps needed to walk 5 km

    • Any other information you think would be helpful to the race organizers

The map your teacher gave you didn't include a scale. Create one.