Lesson 1

Tessellations of the Plane

Let’s explore geometric patterns!

1.1: Notice and Wonder: Polygon Patterns

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Six tessellations. 


1.2: Tessellations

  1. With your partner, choose one of the six shapes in the toolbar that you will both use.
    • Select the shape tool by clicking on it. Create copies of your shape by clicking in the work space.
    • When you have enough to work with, click on the Move tool (the arrow) to drag or turn them.
    • If you have trouble aligning the shapes, right click to turn on the grid.
    • When you are finished making your tessellation, you can hide the points.
  2. Compare your tessellation to your partner’s. How are they similar? How are they different?
  3. If possible, make a third tessellation of the plane with your shape (different from the ones you and your partner already created). If not possible, explain why it is not possible.

1.3: Describing a Tessellation

  1. Pick one of the figures and describe the tessellation. Your partner will identify which tessellation you are describing. Then trade roles so your partner describes the tessellation and you identify the figure.

    Four tessellations. Please ask for assistance.
  2. You and your partner each have a card with a tessellation. Describe what is on your card so that your partner can produce the tessellation (this should be done so that you cannot see your partner’s work until it is complete).


  3. Check together to see if your partner’s tessellation agrees with your card and discuss any differences.

  4. Change roles so your partner describes a tessellation, which you attempt to produce.

  5. Check the accuracy of your construction and discuss any discrepancies.