Acc7.4 Inequalities, Expressions, and Equations

In this unit, students expand on their previous work writing and solving equations of the form \(px+q=r\) and \(p(x+q)=r\). They solve linear inequalities in one variable and represent their solutions on the number line, understanding that there may be infinitely many solutions, and show solutions symbolically and on the number line. They understand and use the terms “less than or equal to” and “greater than or equal to,” and the corresponding symbols. They generate expressions that are equivalent to a given numerical or linear expression. Students also write and solve linear equations in one variable. These include equations in which the variable occurs on each side of the equal sign, and equations with no solutions, exactly one solution, and infinitely many solutions. They learn that any one such equation is false, true for one value of the variable, or true for all values of the variable. They interpret solutions in the contexts from which the equations arose.
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