Lesson 15

Dibujemos grupos de cosas

Lesson Purpose

The purpose of this lesson is for students to draw a given number of images.

Lesson Narrative

In a previous lesson, students created number posters by counting out groups of objects with a given number. In this lesson, students complete the same activity but draw groups of images to show each number. The same posters that were used in the previous lesson can be used in the first activity.

  • Action and Expression
  • MLR8

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Given a written number, draw a picture with that number of images in it.

Student Facing

  • Averigüemos cuántas cosas hay que dibujar.

Required Materials

Materials to Gather

Materials to Copy

  • Math Libs Scenes
  • Number Mat 1-10

Required Preparation

Activity 1:

  • Each group of 4 students need a piece of chart paper with a number (1-10) written at the top.

Activity 3:

  • Gather materials from:
    • Math Libs, Stage 1
    • Bingo, Stages 1 and 2
    • Number Race, Stage 1
    • Geoblocks, Stages 1 and 2
    • Math Fingers, Stages 1 and 2

CCSS Standards


Building Towards

Lesson Timeline

Warm-up 10 min
Activity 1 15 min
Activity 2 10 min
Activity 3 20 min
Lesson Synthesis 5 min
Cool-down 0 min

Teacher Reflection Questions

Think about a time you recently made a mistake during math class. How did you leverage your mistake to show students that mistakes are just learning in process?

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