1.2 Addition and Subtraction Story Problems

Unit Goals

  • Students solve new types of story problems within 10 using the relationship between addition and subtraction. They develop an understanding of the meaning of the equal sign and connect story problems to equations.

Section A Goals

  • Solve Add To and Take From, Result Unknown and Add To, Change Unknown story problems.
  • Understand the meaning of the equal sign.

Section B Goals

  • Solve Put Together/Take Apart problems with the unknown in different positions.
  • Write equations to represent problems.

Section C Goals

  • Relate addition and subtraction.
  • Solve Compare, Difference Unknown problems.

Section D Goals

  • Apply understanding of the meaning of the equal sign to make sense of equations with a symbol for the unknown.
  • Solve different types of story problems, limited to those learned in this unit.
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Glossary Entries

  • category
    A label that tells how objects in a group are alike.

  • data
    Information about the things or people in a group.

    Example: If you have a box of colored pencils, then the lengths and colors of each of the pencils are data about the pencils in the box.

  • difference
    The result when one number is subtracted from another.

  • sum
    The total when two or more numbers are added.

  • survey
    A way to collect data using a group of people answering the same question.