Lesson 4

Ordering Rational Numbers

Lesson Narrative

This lesson solidifies what students have learned in the past several lessons about the ordering of rational numbers on the number line. Students practice ordering rational numbers and use precise language to describe the relationships between numbers plotted on a number line (MP6). These phrases include “greater than,” “less than,” “negative,” and “opposite.”

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Compare rational numbers without a context and express the comparisons using the terms “greater than,” “less than,” and “opposite” (orally and in writing).
  • Comprehend that all negative numbers are less than all positive numbers.
  • Order rational numbers from least to greatest, and explain (orally and through other representations) the reasoning.

Student Facing

Let’s order rational numbers.

Required Preparation

Make 1 copy of the “Ordering Rational Number Cards” activity blackline master for every 2 students, and cut them up ahead of time. If possible, copy each complete set on a different color of paper, so that a stray slip can quickly be put back.

Learning Targets

Student Facing

  • I can compare and order rational numbers.
  • I can use phrases like “greater than,” “less than,” and “opposite” to compare rational numbers.

CCSS Standards

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Building Towards

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