3.5 Fractions as Numbers

Unit Goals

  • Students develop an understanding of fractions as numbers and of fraction equivalence by representing fractions on diagrams and number lines, generating equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions.

Section A Goals

  • Understand that fractions are built from unit fractions such that a fraction $\frac{a}{b}$ is the quantity formed by $a$ parts of size $\frac{1}{b}$.
  • Understand that unit fractions are formed by partitioning shapes into equal parts.

Section B Goals

  • Understand a fraction as a number and represent fractions on the number line.

Section C Goals

  • Explain equivalence of fractions in special cases and express whole numbers as fractions and fractions as whole numbers.

Section D Goals

  • Compare two fractions with the same numerator or denominator, record the results with the symbols >, =, or
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