Lesson 19

Tables, Equations, and Graphs, Oh My!

Lesson Narrative

In this culminating lesson, students look at several examples of equations that represent important relationships from real-world situations. In the first activity, students examine all 9 of the relationships briefly, matching an equation and a table that represent the same relationship. In the following activities, each student works with one of the relationships in more detail: interpreting the equation, continuing the table, and creating a graph. This gives students an opportunity to become an expert on one of these relationships and then use multiple representations to explain their understanding to others.

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Create a verbal description and a graph to represent the relationship shown in an equation and table.
  • Identify tables and equations that represent the same relationship and justify (orally) the match.
  • Interpret and critique (orally) different representations of the same relationship, i.e. table, equation, graph, and verbal description

Student Facing

  • Let’s explore some equations from real-world situations.

Learning Targets

Student Facing

  • I can create a table and a graph that represent the relationship in a given equation.
  • I can explain what an equation tells us about the situation.

CCSS Standards

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