Lesson 13

Designing a 5K Course

Lesson Narrative

This lesson is optional. In the final lesson of this unit, students design the 5K course and use their trundle wheels to measure distances. They draw a scale drawing of the course on a map or a satellite image of the school grounds, give instructions where the start and finish of the course should be, and decide how many laps are necessary to complete the race. In this lesson students engage in many aspects of mathematical modeling (MP4), use appropriate tools (MP5) and attend to precision (MP6). This lesson may take 2 days.

As with all lessons in this unit, all related standards have been addressed in prior units. This lesson provides an optional opportunity to go deeper and make connections between domains.

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Calculate the distance of a path using the circumference and number of rotations of a trundle wheel.
  • Create a scale drawing of a 5K course and present (using words and other representations) the map and course details.
  • Use proportional reasoning to calculate the number of laps of a course that is equal to 5 kilometers.

Student Facing

Let’s map out the 5K course.

Required Preparation

Prepare to distribute the trundle wheels students built in a previous lesson. Prepare maps or printed satellite images of the school grounds, one copy per student.

CCSS Standards


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