Lesson 5

Costs of Running a Restaurant

Lesson Narrative

This lesson is optional. In this lesson, students gain experience using a spreadsheet program to perform repeated calculations. After exploring how spreadsheets work, students calculate the cost per serving of all the ingredients in a recipe. Students make use of structure (MP7) as they explore the syntax of how formulas are written in spreadsheet programs. Students see that spreadsheets are an appropriate tool (MP5) for organizing and performing repeated calculations. Students reason quantitatively (MP2) while deciding what formula they need for each column in their spreadsheet.

As with all lessons in this unit, all related standards have been addressed in prior units. This lesson provides an optional opportunity to go deeper and make connections between domains. If students have already completed the previous lesson, they can continue using the same recipes in this lesson. However, it is also possible to do this lesson without having completed the previous lesson.

Teacher Notes for IM 6–8 Math Accelerated
This optional lesson is the second of a sequence of four lessons that can be done any time after the second unit of the course.

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Comprehend the term “spreadsheet” (in written and spoken language) is a computer program in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.
  • Create formulas in a spreadsheet to perform repeated calculations.
  • Use a spreadsheet to calculate the cost per serving of all the ingredients in a recipe.

Student Facing

Let’s explore how much the food will cost.

Required Materials

Required Preparation

Prepare to provide each student access to a spreadsheet program. It is recommended for them to use a program with which you have previous experience.

If students have not completed the previous lesson or do not still have access to the recipes they used for it, provide access to recipes.

CCSS Standards


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