1.6 Length Measurements Within 120 Units

Unit Goals

  • Students measure length and count up to 120 length units. They solve addition and subtraction story problems with unknowns in all positions.

Section A Goals

  • Compare the lengths of objects indirectly.
  • Order objects by length.

Section B Goals

  • Count groups of up to 120 objects and write a number to represent them.
  • Lay length units end-to-end with no gaps or overlaps and count the units to determine length.

Section C Goals

  • Solve addition and subtraction story problems with unknowns in all positions.
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Glossary Entries

  • category
    A label that tells how objects in a group are alike.

  • data
    Information about the things or people in a group.

    Example: If you have a box of colored pencils, then the lengths and colors of each of the pencils are data about the pencils in the box.

  • difference
    The result when one number is subtracted from another.

  • estimate

    To find a value that is close to the correct value.

  • greater than

    63 is greater than 32.
    63 > 32

  • length

    The measure of how long an object is in same-size units with no gaps or overlaps.

    Example: The length of this sneaker is 15 cubes long.

    Shoe. Underneath from toe to heel, 15 connecting cubes all the same size in a tower.

  • less than

    32 is less than 63.
    32 < 63

  • sum
    The total when two or more numbers are added.

  • survey
    A way to collect data using a group of people answering the same question.

  • teen number

    A number with 1 ten and between 1 and 9 ones.

    Fifteen is 1 ten and 5 ones.

  • two-digit number