Lesson 17

The Stock Market

Lesson Narrative

In the previous unit, students worked with percent increase and decrease. In this lesson, students see how signed numbers can be applied to representing changes in the stock market (MP4). This includes representing a decrease (in the price of an individual stock or the value of a stock portfolio) as a negative percentage of the original value.

The names given in the activities are generic, and the data is based on real stock market data from 2016. You may wish to replace them with up to date real companies and data.

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Apply operations with rational numbers to calculate a stock’s new value, change in value, or change expressed as a signed percentage of the previous value.
  • Compare (orally and in writing) changes in the value of different stocks, including the dollar amount and the percentage of the previous value.
  • Interpret (orally) tables that represent the values of different stocks in the stock market.

Student Facing

Let's learn about the Stock Market.

Required Materials

Required Preparation

Print the Your Own Stock Portfolio blackline master. Each student will need 1 set of copies.

Learning Targets

Student Facing

  • I can solve problems about the stock market using rational numbers and percentages.

CCSS Standards


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