Lesson 14

Measuring with Different-Sized Units

Let’s measure things.

14.1: Width of a Paper

Your teacher will show you two rods. Does it take more green rods or blue rods lined up end to end to measure the width of a piece of printer paper?

14.2: Measurement Stations

Station 1

  • Each large cube is 1 cubic inch. Count how many cubic inches completely pack the box without gaps.
  • Each small cube is 1 cubic centimeter. Each rod is composed of 10 cubic centimeters. Count how many cubic centimeters completely fill the box.
  cubic inches cubic centimeters
volume of the box    

Station 2

Your teacher showed you a length.

  • Use the meter stick to measure the length to the nearest meter.
  • Use a ruler to measure the length to the nearest foot.
  meters feet
length of ________________    

Station 3

Watch the video.

  • Count how many times you can fill the quart bottle from the gallon jug.
  • Count how many times you can fill the liter bottle from the gallon jug.

  quarts liters
1 gallon of water    

Station 4

Use the applet to record the weights of different objects in different units.