Lesson 11

Dibujos para representar problemas-historia

Lesson Purpose

The purpose of this lesson is for students to draw a picture to represent and solve a story problem.

Lesson Narrative

In previous lessons, students have explained how objects and drawings represent story problems. Students also compared organized and disorganized drawings. This is the first lesson where students are asked to produce a drawing. Students should always be able to use objects to represent the story problem if they find them helpful. It is not an expectation that students will organize or label their drawings. With practice, students should be able to explain how each part of their drawing connects to the story with prompting.

  • Action and Expression
  • MLR8

Learning Goals

Teacher Facing

  • Create drawings that represent story problems.
  • Solve Add To, Result Unknown and Take From, Result Unknown story problems.

Student Facing

  • Hagamos un dibujo para mostrar lo que ocurre en un problema-historia.

Required Preparation

Activity 3:

  • Gather materials from: 
    • Bingo, Stages 1-3
    • Math Fingers, Stages 1-3
    • Math Stories, Stages 1 and 2
    • Subtraction Towers, Stage 1
    • 5-frames, Stages 1 and 2
    • Counting Collections, Stage 1

CCSS Standards


Building Towards

Lesson Timeline

Warm-up 10 min
Activity 1 10 min
Activity 2 15 min
Activity 3 15 min
Lesson Synthesis 5 min
Cool-down 5 min

Teacher Reflection Questions

How did the student work that you selected impact the direction of the discussion? What student work might you pick next time if you taught the lesson again?

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